Our Pastor

Additional Information

 Pastor. Daniel Samuel (Veeyapuram Georgekutty) was born and raised in Veeyapuram, Kerala, India. Immediately after his high school studies, Pr. Georgekutty joined Hebron Bible College, Kumbanad, Kerala where he got the training under prominent Bible scholars like Prs. K.E. Abraham, T.G. Oommen, C.K. Daniel, V.T. Joseph, T.S. Abraham, George Philip, George Varghese and Mathew Samuel. After graduation from HBC, he got the mission field training for 18 months in Chennithala, Kerala with one of the pastors of the Indian Pentecostal Church. 

In 1977, Pr. Georgekutty moved to Mumbai, Maharashtra and started the pioneer work of the Indian Pentecostal Church in Thane. After planting a solid church in Thane, he moved to Kanjur Marg, one of the suburbs of Mumbai metropolitan city, where a strong congregation of the Indian Pentecostal Church was established under his leadership. Now both these churches are well known in the I.P.C Maharashtra Region. In 1984 he went to Sharjah, U.A.E and ministered in the Indian Pentecostal Church there. He was the pastor of that church until 1994. During his tenure there I.P.C Sharjah became one of the largest Malayalee Pentecostal churches in U.A.E. 

In 1994 Pr. Samuel immigrated to United States and became the pastor of I.P.C Rockland County, New York. In 1997 he was invited to Chicago as the pastor of I.P.C Bethel Church where he ministered until June 2000.  He was the Pastor of I.P.C. Tabernacle Church, Dallas from 2000-2005 and Calvary Pentecostal Church, Carrollton from 2005-2011. 

Currently He is ministering at I.P.C. Shalom, Garland as the Senior Pastor. Pr. Samuel held various responsible positions in different capacities.  He was the secretary of I.P.C, U.A.E.  Region.  He was the coordinator of the Chicago Pentecostal Fellowship during his ministry in Chicago and also he was the Vice President of I.P.C Midwest Region.

Pr Daniel Samuel is married to Sis. Saramma Samuel (Kunjumol). Children are Blessy (married to james), Praisy (married to Sumod) and Stanley, Grand kids are Joshua and Joanna. Pr Samuel is a well-known Bible scholar, an anointed preacher, famous evangelist and well liked among the Malayalee Pentecostal community.